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Image by Eduardo Cano Photo Co.


My name is Albony Parker aka AP. 

I am a self-taught Web and Graphic Designer, in addition to Photographer. I love to capture unnoticed beauty. This is how I found my niche in Lifestyle Photography. I have wanted to be a photographer since I was about 10 years old, when I received my first Polaroid camera. Yes, that's the camera that develops your photo right on the spot! It wasn't as high-tech as the newer ones they've come out with. This was a big boy, so you couldn't tell me I wasn't already official! haha. 


Why'd I choose Lifestyle Photography?

Imagine your child finding a photo of your family 15 years from now. Would they remember that stiff "say cheese" photo? Or will they remember the ones where they could love, laugh and just be themselves? I aim to capture moments. I aim to make memories. Growing up in the 20th century, the things that matter have really slipped away from us. If I can give a person/people the luxury to unplug for just 30 minutes to an hour, then that's still a job well-done! 

Things to know about me: 

Monochrome images have me in a chokehold! When booking with me, these are to be expected! I do not always look for smiling faces. I go for what feels real and natural. I do not shoot typical solid color or faux backdrop shoots. We are looking for greenery, scenery and just to have a good time! Who says picture day has to be a drag? Not with Albony Parker and Co. Photography. 

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